Our Family

husband & wife team

We’re complete opposites. Sophie’s a perfectionist who lives for the details, while Michael embraces the big picture. It’s that combination that makes our lives rich, and our photography unique. Whether an intimate maternity session or giggle-filled family session, we work together to create a relaxed and effortless experience. Kids walk away feeling like they’ve just had a play date, and that’s how we capture those beautiful moments of families really being themselves. We absolutely love what we do, and that passion shines through in our photography.

as parents ourselves

Childhood is a paradise of fleeting moments, and we’re constantly inspired to capture the magic before the moment passes. We love to capture genuine portraits that really showcase your family’s unique story. Wispy curls, pouty lips, sweet giggles, and silly faces. A father gently cradling his baby girl, her teeny tiny hand clasped tightly around his finger. The loving gaze between a mother and son as they stroll through a field at sunset. Life is filled with tiny moments of perfection, and our goal is to capture them as beautiful works of art.

fresh & modern family photography

We believe that a great portrait has the power to take your breath away, make you laugh with delight, and move you to tears. Our style is capturing real moments that tell a story, while showcasing the wonder, joy and excitement of childhood. We love to get creative with beautiful light, artistic perspectives, and funky angles. Most of all, we love to present those precious memories as stunning works of art that your family will cherish forever.

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We hope that viewing our work will bring you as many smiles as it has brought us,
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Michael Kormos is an esteemed lifestyle family photographer based in NYC