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captures the adorable moments and intense emotions of this special time. As your child grows, nyc child photographer Michael captures these invaluable memories as beautiful art with child photography.

Drawing on a decade of experience in child photography, nyc / san diego child photographer Michael Kormos specializes in fine art studio photography and lifestyle child photography. Michael has gained a reputation as an esteemed nyc child photographer. His child photography celebrates the child’s flawless natural beauty. As a seasoned nyc & san diego child photographer, Michael’s child photography is infused with the whimsy of childhood. Child photography clients love his attention to detail, and his child photography focuses on the chubbiness, tiny fingers and toes. Most importantly, his child photography captures the joy of motherhood, and the special bond between parents and child.

Your child photography session generally lasts 1-1.5 hours. Michael and Sophie view your child photography session as the beginning of a beautiful relationship. They look forward to capturing your maternity photography, newborn photography, baby photography, and family photography to be treasured for years to come.

NYC & San Diego Child Photography – by Michael Kormos

Having beautiful photos of your children has its life-long rewards, but the experience can be frustrating for parents who are ill prepared. We’ve put together these tips and tricks to make your photo session go more smoothly (and more easily). In general, being a child photographer I will tell you that children have a short attention span and love to move around (especially when they’re having their picture taken!). NYC as well as San Diego Children come in all sizes and temperaments. Therefore, it is important to tailor your photo shooting session to the child’s personality.

Esteemed Child Photographer – Michael Kormos NYC / San Diego

If you want to photograph your children on your own like a child photographer – NYC | San Diego, one of the first things that you might want to do is to prepare in advance, like a good child photographer would. Make sure that you have all your equipment, including lights and props, in good working condition, in order to take good child photography.

Best Child Photographer in NYC and San Diego – Michael Kormos

Preferably, take some time to befriend the children in NYC | San Diego before starting the photo shoot. Children are curious by nature. For a child photographer, it’s important to introduce them briefly to the equipment that you will be using and even having a “kid’s camera” for them to have fun taking their own pictures can help them relax and be more willing to cooperate during the actual session.

If you are going to be taking pictures in their own environment such as their home the way a NYC & San Diego child photographer would, you have much more to work with. Watch them play for a while but always with your camera ready to capture a memorable moment. A NYC, San Diego child photographer treasures the ability to photograph children in their home, because the subjects naturally feel at-ease.

Beautiful child photography in NYC & San Diego

Try to avoid backgrounds that would blend with the children’s clothing or vertical objects behind their heads that will make them look like aliens from outer space in the pictures. One of the best things a child photographer can do is to meet them with a smile and keep smiling throughout the session. Children are very perceptive and catch on very quickly to your disposition and emotions. They respond accordingly. Find something they like such as a toy, a child photographer from NYC/San Diego would say, and connect with them. It will make your child photography in NYC as well as San Diego amazing!

Michael Kormos is an award winning NYC | San Diego child photographer

Pay attention to the lighting. Indeed, as any NYC / San Diego child photographer will tell you, lighting is the most important factor in all photography, not just child photography. In my opinion, natural light is the best choice of any child photographer. Take advantage of outdoor lighting and avoid using a flash. Direct flash is the primary cause of red eyes, big shadows behind the child or another subject, and makes your photos mediocre. A child photographer never uses on-camera flash. Only use flash as an alternate when you are shooting in direct light and want to prevent shadows from appearing on the child’s face, that’s what a child photographer does. To dispersed the light and create a more refined outcome, bounce the flashlight from another place such as the ceiling.  Above all, make it fun for all!