Photographing a Family of Six in NYC

We love family photography. That’s why when one of our favorite clients asked if we would come and do a photoshoot at their New York City home, we couldn’t resist! This invite was such an honor, and we were ecstatic about the photo opportunities and portraits that their family would be able to cherish.

During our consult call, we decided we couldn’t miss out on that perfect NYC autumn glow. Although we were cutting it close to the littles’ bedtime, we got the perfect portraits and lifestyle shots to enjoy for years to come. Curious to see how it all came together? Keep reading to find out!

Consult Call With Your Photographer

We know how busy life can get, so we plan a call to discuss everything about the upcoming photoshoot. During this call, we will discuss any expectations, visions, preferences, or must-have photography you want done.

Our clients discussed how important it was to get portraits of each child, group photos, and even some candid lifestyle shots! We also spoke about getting some outdoor photography that would really emphasize the beauty of the estate.

With the stunning autumn leaves, we all agreed that taking advantage of the beautiful estate background just outside of New York City was a must. This home offered tons of great photography locations along with spectacular architecture and landscaping.

Finding the Perfect Backdrops: Scouting Your New York City Home

After booking the dates and having our initial phone call, we headed to the estate a little before the photoshoot to scout out the best photo-taking spots. Knowing that the client wanted to take full advantage of the beautiful grounds, I searched for photography locations that would have the perfect lighting and amplify the beauty of the estate and this family.

Once we entered, choosing only a few locations proved difficult. The land was gorgeous, the trees brimming with an autumn glow, the old-style barn filled with charm, and the beautiful, meticulously maintained landscaping––there was no wrong place to snap a photo. This is the photographer’s dream.

Scheduling The Family Photoshoot Around Busy New York City Life

We all have schedules, and we need to stick to them. However, managing a large household with four little kids and neverending energy can be challenging. As a photographer, I knew we needed to get the photography done within that golden hour––the hour before sunset––which meant we needed to plan.

New York City is known as the city that never sleeps. But when it’s nearing bedtime, having a plan for what photography the client expects gives the clients and the photographer a sense of direction and allows the photoshoot to flow seamlessly. This careful planning ensures that precious moments aren’t missed and that expectations are always met.

Offering Styling Tips for Best New York City Photography

After doing my fair share of photoshoots, as a photographer, I have honed in on what styling looks good and what looks great, making your photography pop rather than everyone blending into one another.

When it comes to any photoshoot, you want to avoid the matchy-matchy outfits. In theory, they sound great, but they don’t photograph well and almost always look forced and unnatural.

For this family, we took a personalized approach to styling. We considered the time of year and the backdrop against which they would be photographed. They all chose coordinating outfits of muted blues and khaki, which were stunning next to the New York City fall colors.

This led to stunning portraits where the entire family matched but also showed a bit of personality, especially Mom with the sparkly cowgirl boots. We believe that every family is unique, and your styling reflects that.

Turning Photoshoots into Playdates

Once everyone is out and ready for the photoshoot, this is when the photographer gets to have some real fun. We are here to turn what could be a boring posed or forced photoshoot into a seriously fun playdate.

Instead of acting as a dictating photographer and constantly telling the children how to stand, smile, and pose, we prefer to turn it into a game.

It may start with some Simon says or silly dance moves. This allows us to capture genuine smiles and reactions, resulting in stunning photography of real-life moments.

As a photographer, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing my clients enjoy themselves during a photoshoot, but when it involves children, it’s the best feeling ever!

Getting the Best Solo Portraits and Group Photos

We wanted this family to loosen up to achieve natural expressions and eliminate stiff poses or forced smiles. We also want to ensure a photoshoot for each child, with each parent, and then as a group.

We knew we were mixing it up with both posed portraits and candid lifestyle shots. As a photographer, I know exactly when to snap those truly authentic moments, giving you a glimpse into your everyday life from a fresh perspective.

This type of photography adds a personal touch to the session and allows everyone’s personalities to shine through. Whether it’s the sibling’s playful teasing or a parent’s loving gaze, these moments reflect everyone’s unique dynamics.

During the individualized sessions, you can see each child’s character shine through. Their little grins, the way they stand, and their comfort level all contribute to creating the most authentic and stunning photography. As their photographer, I found it so fun to learn each little quirk and allow it to come through with this personalized photography session.

Wrapping Up Our New York City Family of Six Photography Adventure

These are the types of clients I love to book, and as a photographer, it was an experience I will never forget. I loved working together to create the perfect schedule and timelines, sharing my expertise on posing, and, most importantly, creating memories for this New York City client that will last a lifetime.

You, too, can have a fabulous experience with a NYC photographer. It’s only a simple phone call away to get your family’s photoshoot booked. I am dedicated to providing you with a fantastic experience just like this.