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On days like this, I am reminded — more and more — of time’s fleeting nature, especially now as our season picks up, and every day becomes more precious. It wasn’t long ago that Mark (our son) was born. To think a year has passed… When did that happen?

To check the calendar (or your watch) wouldn’t quite convey the right feeling. It’s more like a train, making its way across the western plains. But this train doesn’t stop — there’s no room for pause. Time just keeps going, and going. So I think it’s important to reflect, and recollect.

I say this as I go through some of the photos from last week’s “family day” (our word for an impromptu weekend). Running your own business, and working with your wife is great. To be frank, neither one of us can imagine going back to working for someone else. But running your own business means we’re probably putting in twice as many hours. Being that our Saturdays and Sundays are spent shooting non-stop, Sophie and I make an active effort to pick one day each week, and make that our family day. I get up a little early to make breakfast for the kiddies and the missus, after which we usually load up the car and head off to… somewhere.

Last Monday (day after Father’s Day!) we headed off on a little road trip, bound east (fancy word for Westchester :-). As the day drew to a close, Sophie asked to hold my camera. With the settings in place, she snapped away.

It’s rare for me to see myself in front of my own camera. But who best to hold it than her? She’s so attuned to the angles, the approach I use. Any other day, she’s the wrangler standing 3 inches away, getting the attention of the many children and families we photograph.

So here is our Mark, now walking flank speed ahead, and our Lilly, being the sweetest she can be. Thanks for making me feel like the greatest dad in the world guys 🙂

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