Michael Kormos Photography is the most sought after maternity, newborn and family photo studio in NYC. Our approach is to create an enjoyable and giggle-filled experience, while delivering stunning portraits of the highest quality. Recognized worldwide for our fresh style, creative perspectives, and portraiture that celebrates the love and joy of families.

funny faces
(newborn photography manhattan)

So let me get this straight. You want me to fall into a deep sleep,
so you can pose me naked with my tush in the air? Uh, you may want to think again.

newborn making silly faces for the camera on a sheepskin blanket

Oh, and while you’re here, if you could capture some of these awesome faces
that would be great. Mmmmmkay… Thanks.

newborn baby boy giving a wide yawn and wink

He’s definitely got spunk, but still no match for Sophie’s baby whispering. This happened just a few minutes later, lol.

lifestyle newborn photographer Michael Kormos captures priceless moments in those first days after birth to be treasured forever

Those first few days in a baby’s life are a truly magical time. Unfortunately, this teeny tiny stage passes so quickly (even moreso with the lack of sleep!!), but newborn photography is the perfect way to preserve those special memories of your little bundle of joy. The best time to photograph your baby is in the first 4-10 days after birth, while he’s sleeping deeply and curling up naturally into those sweet newborn poses. It’s such an honor for us to capture these tiny miracles.

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