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There was this feeling of anticipation, as Sophie and I rang the doorbell. The kind of excitement a child feels upon seeing bubbles for the first time. Your eyes widen, you fidget for no good reason, and you certainly can’t contain your thrill of the moment. Every time we photograph a family at their home, we feel inspired to explore every nook and cranny to capture their true personalities.

As the door opened, we were warmly welcome and offered homemade pretzels, all while being shown around the apartment. The nursery — untouched. Perfect, pristine, and organized. A catalogue would be jealous. We had just gone from the bustling streets of NYC to this absolute, unadulterated peacefulness, like a monastery amidst a jungle. Okay, that’s a bit extreme, but you get the idea…

It’s such an honor, to be invited as a photographer into this sanctity of a home, and be allowed to document every facet of a newly formed family. Sophie and I spent our afternoon with them, and captured on camera some of the very first memories this Mom & Dad will ever have with their newborn baby boy. I hope they love them, and that years from now, when their son is off in school, it will remind them of the fleeting nature of time, and how preciousness of every single minute with him. I hope these memories bring them nothing but happy tears.

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