little Lilly the photographer
(lifestyle child photography)

For Lilly’s 4th birthday last year, she received a camera (yes, a Nikon just like Daddy!).
The kind of camera a child could drop on the floor, or submerge in a bucket of water
without any repercussions. No fancy “ISO” or “aperture” dials to distract from the
simple pleasures of picture-taking. Besides, those are just fancy words photographers
use to make themselves look smart. 😛

Over the course of the past year, she’s accumulated hundreds of snapshots of her everyday life
(okay, more like thousands, but we’ve stopped counting). She received no guidance on how
to compose images. We told her how to turn on her camera, press the big button on top,
and magically capture a moment. Voila! Nothing more, nothing less.

As she gets ready to turn 5 (aaaahhhh!!), we wanted to share some of her favorite pictures
from the past year. Un-retouched, straight out of her camera. It’s incredible to see her
careful attention to location, styling and posing, as she captures her favorite moments
in a way that only a 4 year-old could document.

For those of you interested in our budding artist, little Lilly will be offering Mini Sessions
in Central Park in 2015. Very limited availability, so contact us to reserve your spot!

NYC child photographer captures the magic of childhood through her own eyesGiving a camera to a child is a wonderful way to see the world from their perspectiveFamily photographer Michael Kormos' daughter shares his passion

Colorful Lifestyle Family Photographer
We enjoy capturing children and family photography outdoors in Central Park, at a location of your choice, or in the comfort of your home. Our NYC Photography Studio is wonderful for fine art maternity and newborn portraits, however, older children generally feel more comfortable outdoors. Not to mention, parents also are able to get lost in the moment and forget they’re being photographed. Childhood is a paradise of fleeting moments, and we’re constantly inspired to capture the magic before the moment passes. Our style of family photography is authentic, simple, and intimate. We want you to look back on your photographs and remember what this time felt like, not just what it looked like. We strive to create meaningful, emotive imagery that your family will cherish for years to come. If you’re interested in scheduling your own family portrait session, please feel free to contact Sophie by email or at our Manhattan Photography Studio at 212.544.0102.

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