never too late
(family photography, family photographer nyc)

It’s never too late to capture your wedding portraits. It’s been five years since our wedding photographer cancelled on the morning of our big day. (Every photographer’s worst nightmare come true!!) The best images we have from our wedding were captured by family and friends, mostly on their phones or
point-and-shoot cameras. As much as we love and appreciate these images, we never had a chance to capture the beautiful works of art that
we’d dreamed of displaying in our home.

Fast-forward five years, and we’ve accomplished so much. We have two beautiful children, a lovely home, and our very own business. But, still, those painfully empty frames hanging on our bedroom walls. As a celebration of our fifth anniversary, Sophie surprised me with an evening photo shoot in Williamsburg. It’s been five years since our wedding, but somehow she still manages to take my breath away. Thanks again to Jessica Schmitt for capturing these incredible portraits, and I can’t wait to finally fill those frames!!

We are a boutique photography studio in NYC that specializes in showcasing the love and joy of families as beautiful works of art. We’re known for our fresh style, creative perspectives, and fun-filled experience. We’re excited and honored to share a moment in your family’s journey.

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