Our favorite NYC settings
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Central Park: Located in the heart of Manhattan, Central Park offers a beautiful blend of natural settings uptown and cityscape backdrops downtown.  People tend to spend more time indoors and holiday shopping in the Fall months, which means the park is far less crowded than usual. Not to mention, earlier sunset times means happier babies (who aren’t out past their bedtime) and amazing photos!! Large open fields allow children to roam free and act like the silly kids they are! We love to also incorporate iconic settings such as Bethesda Fountain and The Mall.  For visiting client who wish to capture the NYC cityscapes and Fall foliage, we always recommend Sheep Meadow for the best of both worlds!

the best NYC Central Park Family Photographerthe best NYC Central Park Baby and Family Photographer

Gantry Plaza Park: Located just across the bridge from Midtown Manhattan, Gantry Plaza Park is a hidden gem! It’s far less crowded than Central Park, and offers lovely boardwalk settings with modern benches and stunning views of the NYC skyline.  The park has recently been extended with even more beautiful settings.  This spot is a favorite for clients visiting from out of town, and also Manhattanites who want to feature the unique backdrops of NYC. We love photographing here at golden hour for the most beautiful glow, and even once the sun goes down as all the lights come on in the Chrysler and Empire State buildings!

the best NYC GANTRY PLAZA Family Photographer


Brooklyn Bridge Park: Shooting in the trendy neighborhood of Dumbo Brooklyn is always a fun adventure.  Perfect for residents of Lower Manhattan, the beautiful skyline views are the perfect backdrop for family portraits.  The beautifully restored Jane’s Carousel is always a favorite amounts children of all ages.  As an added bonus, there are epic views of both the Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge to add some fun NYC flair to portraits!

NYC Brooklyn Bridge Park Baby and Family Photographer

Coney Island: The creative possibilities here are endless! You have the boardwalk, the amusement park, the beach, and all the fun surrounding areas!  Coney Island sessions are wonderful for older children who can get playful with a giant lollipop, cotton candy or even a New York classic Nathan’s hotdog! Coney Island has so many fun and colorful settings to really make your session unique!

NYC Coney Island Family Photography

Known as “The Big Apple,” New York, NY is home to some of the greatest landmarks and sites to photograph. From a prominent skyline to beautiful streets and alleyways, there is no shortage of scenes that are sure to make for the best shot. And with five boroughs, there are many beautiful places to see and explore. Whether you’re a local renting an apartment in Chelsea or a tourist visiting the city for a week, there are many places that you need to check out. To help you get started, Redfin reached out to experts, including us, to highlight our favorite New York City photo spots to visit in and around the city. Check out Unique New York City Photo Spots You Need to Check Out to see what we had to say.

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