Michael Kormos Photography is the most sought after maternity, newborn and family photo studio in NYC. Our approach is to create an enjoyable and giggle-filled experience, while delivering stunning portraits of the highest quality. Recognized worldwide for our fresh style, creative perspectives, and portraiture that celebrates the love and joy of families.

two giggles are better than one
(family photography nyc)

Mommy showed us the single semi-decent portrait of her two cuties together,
and we promised to make an extra special effort to capture some sibling portraits during our session.
With children of our own around the same ages, we know all too well the challenges of capturing
sibling portraits with an independent two-year old on the loose.
Older brother was eager to hug and snuggle, but little sister just wanted to run around and
explore the endless blades of grass and leaves within her grasp. 🙂
Sophie managed to work her usual magic, and Mommy’s only issue this year will be finding
enough wall space to display all of the ridiculously heart-warming moments of sibling love.
It’s so cute how they have completely different personalities, but already such an incredibly strong bond.
We had so much fun with this family, and already look forward to playing with them again next year!!

Photo of brother and sister frolicking in the grass of Central Park Manhattan with lots of hugs and kisses

New York City Family Photography
We’re known for our customized, creative, and fun family photography experience. Your family is unique, and your family portraits should reflect the essence of yourselves and your children. We also want to make sure that your family portraits fit well with your personal style and home décor. Your family photography session should feel like a relaxed play date, rather than a chore. Most of our clients return for years to come, and we believe in creating a lasting relationship with our families. We want to make sure that your children feel excited and can’t wait for their lifestyle family photography session with us. Not to mention, we take great pride in preserving your most precious memories as heirloom quality works of art.

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ring around the rosie
(family photographer nyc)

We had such a great time with these two bundles of energy.
Little sister is going through a phase of not wanting to hold hands with her big brother.
Oh, the endless “phases” of toddlers, lol.
It took some coaxing, but before you know it, she wouldn’t let go!! 🙂

Family styled in purple and warm tones for beautiful and colorful Fall portraitsKids photo shoot nyc

Award-winning NYC Family Photography
Our family photography sessions are a relaxed and playful experience. We like to get children and families engaged to capture those precious moments of genuine expressions and interactions. We prefer cuddles and ticklish giggles to stiff poses and cheesy smiles. We strive to create child and family photography that tells the unique story of each family. With two children of our own and years of experience, we specialize in working with children of all ages and personalities. We believe life is filled with tiny moments of perfection, and our goal is to capture them as beautiful works of art.

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peek a boo
(child photography)

In this age of technology
it’s nice to see that the classic game of peek-a-boo
will never lose its charm.

two year old girl child photography New York Citybest newborn photography by Michael Kormos

Fresh & Modern NYC  Baby Photography
Our style of baby photography is a blend of artistic and photojournalistic. We’re constantly inspired by the sweetness, innocence and wonder of childhood. We work together as a husband-and-wife team to create a fun and enjoyable experience for families, so we can capture your baby photographs that are natural and relaxed. Whether you prefer to have your photography session in the comfort of your home or at an outdoors location of your choice, we encourage your baby to play and explore without feeling under any pressure to perform or smile on command. Gone are the days of stiff poses and cheesy smiles, and now is the time to embrace natural and emotional baby photography that will fill your heart with joy.

Book YourBaby Photography Session
If you’re interested in scheduling your own baby photo session, please contact Sophie by email or at our Midtown Manhattan studio to schedule an appointment. Look forward to hearing from you, and capturing your family for many years to come!

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art of family
(toddler photography NYC)

Toddlers are messy. They’re chaotic. They’re perpetually sticky.
But, regardless of the craziness, a single smile or giggle makes it all worthwhile.
They have the uncanny power to melt your heart, and there truly is no greater joy.
As parents ourselves of two little bundles of energy,
we love to embrace the genuine moments of your family having fun and enjoying yourselves.
These are the images that will bring happiness for so many years to come. 🙂

New York City toddler photographer Michael Kormos

Lifestyle Family Photography
Ever since childhood, I’ve always had a passion for photography. The delicate art of finding the perfect light, composition, and perspectives to create the perfect image. After having children of my own, I found a renewed passion for child and family photography. There are so many special milestones in those first few years, and it’s my pleasure as a family photographer to capture these memories as beautiful works of art that will bring joy for a lifetime.

I love to capture the innocence and curiosity of childhood with beautiful Family Photography that will be treasured for a lifetime. Children are unpredictable, and each session is a unique experience. It’s wonderful to see their little personalities starting to blossom in that first year, and their expressions are always so genuine. We believe that family Photography is at its best when it makes you feel something. Those perfect moments that bring back a flood of memories of this special time in your lives. We understand all too well the importance of preserving those beautiful childhood experiences that pass far too quickly. These are the precious memories that we know will be cherished for many years to come, and this is what we strive to capture with our Family Photography sessions. One of our favorite activities to capture genuine moments is having a family cuddle together to read a favorite book. Children easily forget that they’re being photographed, while engaged in a fun activity. If you’re interested in scheduling your own your family photography session, please contact Sophie at our NYC Photography Studio. We look forward to hearing from you, and capturing your family’s unique story as a work of art.

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