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Three Beauties
(Baby Photography Queens, Queens Baby Photographer)

Well, it looks like another triple-sibling shoot… in the same week!  These three sisters joined us at our studio for a mini session. After letting the youngest one take the spotlight for a little while, the older two were practically begging to get on the set.  We had fun with the individual portraits, and saved the biggest challenge for last — a lovely group shot featuring not one, not two, but three beautiful smiles!!

Staten Island Baby Photographer

Splish-Splash in the Backyard
(Baby Photography NY, Baby Photography NYC)

Okay, so our backyard (like many backyards in NYC) isn’t exactly suited for a large swimming pool, but on hot days like these, you’ve got to improvise.  So, when Sophie and I came across a large beverage tub at Target, our eyes lit up.  As soon as we got home, we filled the tub to the brim, and let our little one splash around to her heart’s content  – while I stood back and photographed, of course.

Newborn Photography