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redecorating the studio
(newborn baby photographer nyc)

There’s nothing Sophie loves more than redecorating,
so when Design Aglow reached out to feature our Midtown studio,
Sophie jumped at the opportunity. What do you think??

Manhattan photography studio redecorated in a contemporary and fresh style that is cozy and welcoming for families

Here’s a little excerpt from our wonderful feature on Design Aglow, which can be viewed HERE.

What makes your studio special?
We love that clients feel right at home when they walk in the door. The natural light is incredible with two walls of large windows, and the bright glow makes the studio feel bright and cheery. The small and cozy space is perfect for capturing intimate maternity and baby portraits. Our decor is in line with our styling recommendations of getting creative with different textures, and accessorizing with pops of color. We keep the decor minimalist, so the attention is drawn to the colorful wall art, keepsake albums, and slideshow of portfolio images.

How has it helped your business?
It’s been wonderful to separate our business from our personal lives. As a husband-and-wife team, we found it difficult to shut off from work when our studio was in our home. Not to mention, as our children grew older and more active, they desperately needed a play area rather than a room filled with light stands and backdrops. Having a studio also allows us to have a dedicated space to display samples of our products, which has been very helpful for clients. Not to mention, babies enjoy an epic view of the Empire State Building from the changing table. 🙂

What products do you sell the most?
Keepsake albums and gallery wraps are some of our clients’ favorite products. Most of our clients come back several times each year, so they appreciate Michael’s hands-on approach to designing custom artwork for their homes.

Do you have any tips for opening a studio?
Everything always takes longer than you’d expect, and finding a studio space is no exception. It took us almost a year of searching and many headaches before we found the perfect space. Finding the one that’s perfect for your budget, location, ceiling height, natural light, and personal preferences means that you’ll really have to commit yourself to the process. Beware that commercial leases are quite complex, so it’s best to hire a real estate attorney to review the document for any terms that may not be in your best interest. With a minimum of three years for most commercial spaces, it’s not a commitment to take lightly. On the bright side, we’ve had a wonderful experience with our space, and we actually just renewed our lease yesterday!

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