Nothing like starting the day with our two little bundles of energy.
Here’s a peek into an everyday morning in our house.
One of those special memories that we’ll treasure for a lifetime. 🙂

Photo depicting lifestyle photography of two siblings playing in their bedroom

Fresh & Modern Baby Photography
NYC | Westchester | Manhattan

We believe that baby and child photography is at its best when it makes the viewer feel something, which is why you’ll see that our images are very intimate and emotional. We recommend capturing baby photographs as of 6-7 months, when your baby is sitting comfortably on her own and giving a variety of adorable expressions. It’s wonderful to see your child’s personality begin to shine. If you’re interested in scheduling your own custom baby photography session in the NYC or Westchester area, please reach Sophie at our Boutique Portrait Photography Studio. We look forward to hearing from you, and capturing these incredibly special memories for your family!
-Michael & Sophie