Decor Tips for In-Home Family Photography
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It can be nerve-wracking to let a photographer come into your home for family photos. Many families worry about how their homes will look as the backdrop of their photos. So today, this post is all about how to let your home decor style shine and get your place in tip-top shape for your session. Don’t worry though, all of these tips are very easy to implement!

We love to photograph baby and family portraits in meaningful settings within the home. The nursery is always ideal, since parents have decorated the room with so much love and anticipation for the arrival of their little one. You can just feel those emotions when you’re in the room, and we love to capture those tender moments. Decor pieces can often lend to that sentimental feeling and we love to photograph special details such as a handmade baby blanket or toys passed down from previous generations. Don’t be afraid to tell us the story behind your decor!

The master bedroom and living room are also lovely additional settings. We ask parents to clear any clutter, and photograph with creative angles for the most flattering backdrops that are free of distractions. This goes for your decor as well. Try to limit yourself to just a few favorite decor pieces that really express your style in each room to avoid a visually cluttered look. This also allows the pieces you do display to really pop in photos.

One important detail to think about when you’re preparing your home for photos is the proportion of the furniture in your rooms. If your furniture is too big or too small for the room it’s in, it is going to be glaringly obvious in photos.

Step back and take a critical eye to your room layout. Is your rug the correct size for your space? Is your coffee table way too big next to your couch? Changing up the proportions of your furniture can help your room look more balanced. Instead of your eye being drawn to an out-of-place piece of furniture, your decor will grab the attention.

There are plenty of easy, finishing touches you can give a room to give it a quick refresh before a shoot. We love to add a fresh cut flower arrangement to help perk up any area of the house. You can put some of your child’s recent artwork in a frame for a unique personal touch that won’t clash with the rest of your decor. A few books stacked up on an end table can give an interesting pop of color. These are all easy decor choices that can make a big impact on your space.

So don’t be afraid of inviting a photographer into your home for a family session! We’d love to capture your family and your home so those memories can be preserved for years to come. To book your own portrait session, please reach us at our Midtown studio!

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