Michael Kormos Photography is the most sought after maternity, newborn and family photo studio in NYC. Our approach is to create an enjoyable and giggle-filled experience, while delivering stunning portraits of the highest quality. Recognized worldwide for our fresh style, creative perspectives, and portraiture that celebrates the love and joy of families.

Squishy cheeks
(westchester newborn photography)

Newborn photographer Michael Kormos and his wife Sophie capture artistic lifestyle portraits of newborns in the first 4-10 days after birthArtistic lifestyle newborn portraits captured in NYC home with a combination of natural light and off-camera flash for a soft glowing feel

NYC & Westchester Artistic Newborn & Family Photography
As a husband-and-wife team, our goal is to offer each client an enjoyable and memorable experience. Custom photography is an investment in capturing your most precious memories as beautiful works of art that will be treasured forever. The expense reflects the amount of time, planning, and post processing that professional photographers commit to creating custom works of art for their clients. Not to mention, the years of experience, learning, and and perfecting of their craft. Oh, and of course the cost of equipment, frequent upgrades, computers, hardware, software, studio rental, and all the joyful expenses of running a business. Thank goodness we have a dedicated accountant to handle that mess, so we can focus our energy on creating ART! If you’re interested in booking your own newborn photography session in NYC or Westchester, please contact Sophie at sophie@michaelkormos.com. We look forward to hearing from you, and meeting your family soon!

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introducing our new usb flash drives
(baby photography westchester)

Guess what just arrived?! As the perfect way to start off the new year…
Our digital images will no longer be delivered on DVDs, but on these AWESOME USB drives.

Our personalized USB drives are presented in a beautiful handcrafted case
featuring favorite images from your session. In addition to your high-resolution images,
you’ll also receive a complementary set for web-optimized images for posting on Facebook
and social media. With an elegant and durable design, gone are the days of
worrying about smudges and scratches. WooHOO!! 🙂

We’re head over heels, and we’re sure you’re going to love them, too!!

USB flash drives and custom cases are the perfect way to preserve and archive precious high-resolution digital files

NYC & Westchester Lifestyle Outdoors Baby Photography
Michael and Sophie work together to create a relaxed and fun experience, while capturing those genuine moments of joy. They’re inspired by pure, natural moments and sweet, intimate bonds of family. They have clients throughout NYC, Westchester, and the surrounding areas. They have two little children of their own to keep them on their toes and constantly inspired!

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(newborn photographer in westchester)

I’ve always wondered why we only tell women they’re glowing during pregnancy. What about afterwards??
Brand new Mommies, we can’t stress enough how important it is to include yourself in newborn portraits.
With the crazy hormones, you may not feel like you look great, but you DO.
You’re radiant with happiness, and joy, and unconditional love.
This is such a special bond to capture, and I promise that these will be some of your children’s
all-time favorite pictures when they grow older…
Seriously, one week after giving birth, and how stunning does Mommy look?!

NYC Photo: Mother truly glows with the happiness of a brand new bundle of joy in her armsPhoto of loving mother and her newborn daughter wrapped in a cozy swaddle for intimate cuddles of love

Fresh & Modern Newborn Photography NYC & Westchester Michael and Sophie Kormos are a husband-and-wife photography team specializing in maternity, newborn, baby, and family photography in NYC and Westchester. Their style of newborn photography is soft, natural, and emotional. They love to capture sweet curled up poses, intimate family moments, and all the tiny details that you’ll treasure forever and ever. Their newborn photography session generally lasts around two hours, allowing plenty of time for soothing and cuddles. The experience is relaxed and enjoyable, while Michael and Sophie work together to capture your most precious memories as beautiful works of art.

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better than your dreams
(newborn baby photography westchester)

One of my favorite quotations comes to mind…
“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep
because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
-Dr. Seuss

Photo of new parents interacting with their little 7-day old baby girl in the comfort of their nyc homeNewborn baby photograph by Michael & Sophie Kormos

Michael Kormos was a landscape photographer for many years, before he found his calling as a newborn photographer. The birth of his daughter, four years ago, sparked a renewed passion for photography, and he embarked on a new journey. With his wife Sophie by his side, he explored the world of newborn photography and developed his own unique style that blends a lifestyle documentary approach with a fine art aesthetic. Together, Michael and Sophie have grown their business and opened a boutique photography studio in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. They serve clients who travel from out of state, and sometimes even from overseas, to capture their precious newborns as beautiful works of art.

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