Photography Tips: Babies & Toddlers
(Baby Photography NYC, Baby Photography New York City)

From time to time, we’ll write a brief summary of tips and tricks that will help you—the parent, take better photographs of your little ones. Remember, it’s the little things you do while taking pictures that make all the difference. Your position, the background, and the way you get your subject’s attention.  Here is round one.

PERSPECTIVE. Meet your baby eye-to-eye, and see your surroundings from their perspective. Kneel down to your baby’s level, lie on your belly… whatever it takes!  The viewpoint becomes more intimate, plus you’ll get to capture your baby’s adorable facial expressions at the center of the composition.

BACKGROUND. Be aware of your baby’s surroundings.  If there are lots of distracting elements behind your baby, try approaching from a different angle.  They key to stunning photography is to simplify the background. An open sky, quiet sidewalk, grass, sand, distant trees are beautiful seamless backgrounds that draw the attention to your precious baby.

PLAYFUL. Dance, make silly noises, sing your baby’s favorite songs, and play Peek-A-Boo behind your camera to get eye contact and giggles.  Photography should be about being in the moment and sharing a fun experience!

TOYS. Dangle your baby’s favorite toy or stuffed animal near your lens.  Ones that squeak or jingle are especially good for grabbing your baby’s attention.  A bubble machine is a sure attention-grabber for children of all ages!

FOODS. Add a splash of color to your baby photography with fun foods.  Cupcakes, watermelon, ice cream cones, strawberries, and swirly lollipops are all delicious options.  Be sure to have some baby wipes on hand, since the awesome pictures will entail a bit of clean-up afterwards.